Dear Community

As you already know the exchange is fully live and trading. While we are still testing in real time, we are gearing up  marketing. There only thing prolonging the marketing is finalizing the liquidity bot, adding live chat, adding fan and application to coinmarketcap (api is already in place).

A question frequently asked is what can we do with our ETBS tokens? Well, currently ETBS is free to trade on Hivelly and the referral system is up and running which will be based around the ETBS token. Later in the year fee reduction on Hivelly will be linked to how many tokens you hold. What we are most excited about is a partnership with a DEFI project. What makes this unique is the only way to get the token of the DEFI project you will 1st need ETBS to stake. Details around the DEFI project will be announced this summer.

Also we are currently hiring we are looking for a full stack developer, general admin assistant, and marketing assistant. So if you have any recommendations please email [email protected].