Dear Valued Community,

Now that you have your fresh shiny HI tokens its about time you know about their utility!

First and foremost, they will be a gateway into a decentralised application. As we all know, for many centralized companies there is a decentralised counterpart that gives some stability in these ever changing times. More information will be released on this soon.

All we can say for now is that we will be locking away a lot of HI tokens and also go to the extent of making it deflationary.

What will be coming in term of Utilities on the Hivelly exchange is as follows:

Firstly the more tokens you hold the lesser fees you pay while trading. This will incentivise people to hold onto the token.

Secondly we will be paying referrals in HI tokens so when people earn money from signing up their friends it will be used to pay them. We will buy them and hold and then pay so it should increase the volume when the exchange is getting used.

Thirdly we will be incentivising users to sign up in free bonuses in HI tokens. These tokens will come from the teams tokens and when these are deleted we will be buying from the market.

As we have now secured another full time developer we aim to finish all this by the end of 2022 Q1.

So may the bull run continue and we will keep you updated about new events soon!