Copy trading is a fast-growing trading mechanism in the crypto space. It allows new and inexperienced traders to become instantly successful by simply copying the trades of expert traders. HIVELLY is one of the most popular and fastest-growing crypto copy trading exchanges. Here are some of the advanced features and benefits of copy trading on the HIVELLY Exchange.

What is HIVELLY?

HIVELLY is a highly secure, popular & trusted cryptocurrency and copy trading exchange that provides an easy and innovative platform for pro traders and beginners to buy and sell cryptocurrencies with an equal opportunity to gain profits.

Normally, experienced traders have an edge over novice crypto traders, as they know and understand how the crypto trading market works and can make the right decisions at the right time using their experiences. However, copy trading is a way for new traders to benefit from the experience and knowledge of experts.

Through the HIVELLY copy trading exchange, new users can simply copy the trades and strategies of verified Pro traders to replicate their profits and earn big profits in a short period. On top of that, the exchange offers many advanced tools and features for traders to further increase their profits using real-time data and proven strategies.

“Discover the endless possibilities of trading through our unique platform and enjoy the crypto world, whether you are a beginner or experienced trader.”

Advance Features of HIVELLY Copy Trading Exchange

The easiest way to trade cryptocurrencies

HIVELLY is designed with user-friendliness in mind. The platform comes with an easy to use and interactive interface that makes trading cryptocurrencies both easy and interesting.

Ideal for beginners and pros alike

Both beginners and expert traders can trade on HIVELLY with ease. While the platform offers effortless and automated trading options for beginners, it also integrates many advanced tools for experienced traders.

Fast & low-cost trading

With the best user-friendly interface and one of the most efficient exchange systems in the industry, trading cryptocurrencies on HIVELLY is both fast and affordable.

Full transparency & insights

The HIVELLY exchange offers access to all trading markets from a single page. At the same time, it allows users to easily access and use their crypto wallets for fund transfer, deposit, withdrawal, balance check, and more.

Different wallets for different purposes

HIVELLY offers different types of wallets, each designed for a specific purpose and to support one of HIVELLY’s core features. All wallets support easy and instant cross-wallet transfers.

Security & Cold storage

The majority of funds on HIVELLY are securely stored in cold storage to protect against thefts and hacking. Additionally, it provides support for 2FA and U2F security keys for protection against hackers and phishing.

Yearly audits

Regular audits of accounts and markets ensure there is no fraud and complete transparency.

Advanced trading tools

Besides a friendly environment to trade your favourite & top cryptocurrencies, you get an extensive set of the most advanced crypto trading tools, such as TradingView Integration, Easy Market Navigation, Fast order-matching engine, Built-in markets tab manager, Trading order types, etc. to help you invest, diversify and transfer digital assets in an intuitive way.

Other benefits of HIVELLY Exchange for Copy Trading are as follows:

Through the Copy Trading feature, HIVELLY lets you trade crypto like a pro and get the same profits that are enjoyed by experienced & professional crypto traders.

And, it’s as simple as anything.

Easy to start: Just create an account on to start copy trading. It takes only a few minutes. Copy trades of expert traders with the click of a button.

No experience or knowledge required: Have no knowledge of how crypto trading works? No worries. You only have to choose your favourite traders, and the platform will do the best, ensuring the best returns and profits for you.

Automated and convenient: Once you select the traders to copy, everything after that is automated. The platform will simply copy the trades of your selected traders, while you can track the portfolio progress in real-time using Hivelly’s super intuitive platform.

Avoid risks, earn profits: By choosing to copy trade with HIVELLY, you ensure to minimize your risks and increase your profits by copying traders who are already very successful.

So, what are you still waiting for? Create an account today at to start making profits with copy trading.