Hello Community!

As Hivelly is days away from starting to slowly implement our marketing campaign to build our user base, the time has now come to swap out your good old ETBS tokens for our new shiny HIVELLY tokens. This will happen on July 14th so please make sure that you have your tokens in your own wallet that you, and only you control.


Well as most token swaps you must pay gas fees and claim the new token don’t worry because what you will see is the new token in your Ethereum balance meaning you don’t have to spend a thing. When the swap happens we will email you and provide you with the the full details of the token.

How is the Exchange going?

As for the exchange we are still in the process of FIAT on boarding integration to until this happens we will be conservative in our marketing.

What is next for Hivelly?

Hivelly has partnered with a top Tier company in the DEFI space that will be providing an alternative to Yield farming as a way of making money through bear and bull markets. As you already know the ONLY way you can be involved with this project is by holding and staking our new Hivelly token. So that’s all for now! We will get back to you within approximately 2 weeks with the new details of the token and another update.

Thanks for reading and lets hope we are still in a bull market!