Cryptocurrency has, in the past some years, emerged as one of the best ways to make money online. In order to make money with cryptocurrencies, you don’t even have to invest anything.

There are things like airdrop and giveaways, through which you can win free coins and trade them for cash. However, if you want a real part of the crypto profit game, investing & trading are two of the best ways. Here are some of the top ways to make money while dealing with cryptocurrencies.

How to make money with cryptocurrencies

1. Win Free Tokens

One of the easiest ways to make money with crypto is not by investing but by participating in airdrops and giveaways. A cryptocurrency airdrop is an event where the company gives away free tokens to participants for performing a range of simple tasks, including project/token promotion on social media. By simply investing some of your time in valuable token giveaways, you can end up accumulating a number of free cryptocurrencies, some of which may give good future returns.

2. Public Token Sales

Almost all new projects in the crypto space use token offerings as a way to raise funds for their upcoming products. A token offering, also known by other names as ICO, ITO, STO, IDO, is the same as an IPO, where the company sells its tokens (equivalent to shares) at a lower than market rate to attract investors and raise funds. The benefit of investing at the ICO stage is that you can get some really good coins at very low initial prices and later sell them for good profits.

3. Trading Cryptocurrencies

Using crypto exchange platforms like HIVELLY, you can trade (buy/sell) top cryptocurrencies, including bitcoin, ETH and hundreds of other coins and make good profits every day. Crypto trading refers to buying and selling cryptocurrencies with the purpose to make quick profits.

4. Buying & Holding

Another way to make money from cryptocurrencies is through buying and holding (Also called HODLing in the crypto slang). It refers to the act of buying a crypto-coin with the goal to keep holding it until a few months/years or until the price meets your target. This technique will generally result in higher profits over the long term.

5. Copy Trading

Copy Trading is a highly innovative trading mechanism that has been gaining pace in the crypto space lately. It involves copying trades of successful & experienced traders in order to replicate their profits without much effort and time. This type of trading is particularly beneficial for crypto trading beginners and can ensure good returns even without any knowledge or experience in this space. There are a number of crypto exchanges that provide crypto copy trading services.

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The automated crypto copy trading system of HIVELLY will automatically copy trades of your selected experts, while you can track your portfolio, trades and make changes as and when required.